Whilst we have tried to provide as much information as possible for you on all of our pages, we know sometimes further questions crop up.  So, we have put together the top questions we are asked and placed them here for you.  If you still cannot find the answer you are looking for please do give us a call.


Almost all houses can have an insulated system fitted it just happens that some are more complex, however, but as a rule External Wall Insulation can be installed on most backgrounds. We are more than happy to discuss this with you.

Advantages of External Wall Insulation?

You will be more comfortable and healthier in your new looking home because of the insulation stopping any heat escaping through your walls thus in turn reducing your energy bills and mould growth. Another great thing about External Wall Insulation is it will dramatically reduce noise pollution from outside.Your property will look brand new with your chosen colour.

Can I choose any colour?

There are a wide range of colours to choose from even if you like a specific colour or want to colour match your existing property we can help you do that.

Can i change my colour in years to come?

Yes you can over paint with a silicone paint supplied from the system manufacturer.

How thick should my external insulation be?

The materials used in your property construction determines the insulation thickness when generating a u-value calculation of 0.3 W/m2K. The average insulation size is around 90mm thick, we will provide you with a u-value calculation relative to your property construction.

Are the products waterproof?

Yes fully waterproof.

Do i need planning permission?

Not usually but its always better to check with you local authority.

How long to complete?

It usually takes around a week to complete a average sized semi detached house.

How long does External Wall Insulation last?

The External Wall Insulation systems that we use are BBA certificated with a 25 year life expectancy. External Wall Insulation originated from Germany and has been around since 1957 and is still to this day performing efficiently.

Can an insulated render system be fitted where there are no soffet to work to?

Yes, we have a range of profiles and sills that can overcome this and many other problems.

Can i fix lights and hanging baskets to External Wall Insulation?

Yes we will install plastic spiral screws into the External Wall Insulation system where you need the so lights etc… can be placed and/or leave you some so you can fix additional items in the future.

Do i get a warranty?

Yes we provide you with a 10 full system warranty and labour warranty from us.

How much money will i save?

This is from the energy saving trust based on solid wall insulation, there is no specific data on External Wall Insulation as there are so many variables involved due to the building construction.

DetatchedSemi DetatchedMid TerracedBungalowFlat
Fuel Bill Savings (£/Year)£455£260£175£180£145
Carbon Dioxide Saving (KGCo2/Year)1,900kgs1,100kgs726kgs740kgs610kgs

Typical Installation Costs*
External wall insulation – £8,000 to £22,000
Internal wall insulation – £3,500 to £14,000

Estimates based on insulating a gag heated home. Costs may vary significantly depending on the level of work required. Above estimates are based on a typical install, ranging between a small flat and a large detached house.

What about my new windows and doors?

We fully protect all windows and doors  as well as waste pipes, floors,drains etc with low tack tape and specific window protection.

How do i clean my walls?

As with all buildings dirt gets flicked up from rain hitting the floor and the occasional bird poo is a problem. These can be washed off with a mild detergent and water or for stubborn stains a power washer can be used.